CLC This Semester

Chinese Language Club kicked off this semester with an officer election meeting followed by a fun social for Chinese majors and minors to meet each other and the professors. The past two years, I’ve been an officer in Chinese Language Club, and it’s been a great time. This year, however, I have a lot going on with rowing, research, and way too many classes so I decided to take a step back from CLC. It turns out all my fellow officers were feeling the same way, so the officer election resulted in a brand new group of officers. So far they have a lot of energy and it seems like they’ll do a better job than we did! Though I won’t be an officer, I still plan to stay involved. I’m excited to see what CLC will do this semester.

The Chinese Social was a good way to kick off the semester. I’m only in one Chinese class this semester, so it was good to see all the other Chinese faculty and old friends from classes who I haven’t seen in a while. It was also good to see all the new students in the Chinese program. It was especially exciting to see how many of them turned out for the social, because one of the biggest problems with CLC is low turnout for events. It seems like there are a lot of energetic and involved new students in the Chinese program, which was really good to see. Overall, I’m excited to stay involved in CLC, and see it hopefully grow this semester.