Chinese Corner!

One of the events sponsored by the Confucius Institute at OU is Chinese Corner. Chinese corner is an opportunity to meet with other students and a Chinese teacher to simply practice speaking Chinese. When I went, there were only two students, myself and another Global Engagement Fellow, Ashlynne Macnee. We spent an hour speaking only Chinese. If we didn’t know how to say something, we had to try to explain it in Chinese or draw it.

I learned quite a few new words in that one hour. It was also good to try and explain unknown words using only Chinese. It’s easy when learning a language to fall into the trap of tossing English words into the middle of a sentence when you don’t know something. Chinese corner forced me to realize that my Chinese has actually come a long way. I don’t necessarily know a lot of words, but I at the very least know how to describe a lot of words I don’t know using ones that I do know. I will definitely be going to Chinese Corner again to keep practicing my Chinese.

One thought on “Chinese Corner!”

  1. I enjoyed this post! I think it is very important to attend cultural events like the Confucius Week so you can have a better understanding of the culture behind the language you are studying. Also, it is my personal opinion that the best way to learn a language is to be forced into a situation where you can only speak that language to succeed. So, I think that Culture Corner is a great idea and I want to find one like it in the future to practice any other languages I choose to take.

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