Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year this year was a little bit different than previous years. I managed to have class right in the middle of this year’s celebration, so I only got to experience the frantic rush to get everything set up, and the end after everyone has finished eating, and we’re all just slowly talking and trying to pick up all the tables. I actually didn’t really mind, because the beginning and the end are the best times to talk to people anyway. Plus there was still a little bit of food left, and I didn’t even have to stand in line to get it. This year in addition to eating food, there was also a dumpling making class, taught by Qi Laoshi, before we ate. I’m definitely disappointed to have missed that. Qi Laoshi has taught me how to make dumplings before, but it’s still just a lot of fun to do with friends. It’s a good bonding experience. I’m also a little sad that I missed the presentation. There’s always a fairly simple presentation to just tell people about the holiday, and talk about some of the major traditions. I’ve given the presentation in the past, and I always like to see what new things people talk about that I didn’t know, or didn’t think to include.

Even though I missed a good bit of it, I still got to see all the people I wanted to see, meet some new people, and eat some good food. I think it’s really important and really cool that we have a Chinese New Year celebration at OU (several actually) to give people a chance to experience a culture they normally wouldn’t.

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