CLC Chinese Language Practice

This is the first semester I have been able to really get involved and participate in Chinese Language Club’s Language Practice Hour. I went to a few freshman year, but never really managed to go consistently until this semester. It was an interesting experience as a CLC officer, trying to figure out when and where to hold it, and how to get people to come. There were definitely a couple hours spent in a dingy room in Dale Hall Tower with nobody except for myself and AJ (CLC’s president). We had a good time attempting to speak Chinese to each other and trying to devise ways to make more people show up.

As the semester went on, we moved the practice hour to a much nicer room in Wagner Hall, found Chinese professors to join in, and managed to offer free pizza. We managed to have 5 or 6 people each week, which was a big step up from just AJ and I sitting in Dale Hall Tower. The moral of the story here is that free food is apparently a must for a successful event. It was good to get to keep practicing my Chinese, especially since I don’t have a Chinese class this semester. It’s important to find a way to keep practicing a language, and CLC practice hour was a good way to do that in the middle of a crazy busy semester. It was also good to meet some of the younger Chinese majors and minors as well as professors I’ve never had class with, and reconnect with old friends and professors from Chinese classes.

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