CLC Mid-Autumn Festival, take 5

As I have every year of college, this year I attended the Chinese Language Club Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. This year I did not have to organize any part of it, which makes these things a lot more fun. Another difference between this year and previous years is that apparently, I am getting old. In the past, when I’ve gone to CLC events, I could always find old friends and reconnect with people I’ve had Chinese classes with. This year, I got to meet a completely new set of people. Most of the people that I started this journey with have graduated and moved on to new things.

So this year, I ended up just picking a completely random table to sit at, and met some really cool people. Early on, I realized that a large group of people at the table were Global Engagement Fellows as well, so it was exciting to connect over that and hear where they wanted to study abroad. Later, I had a really good conversation with a new student who was learning Chinese, and looking into studying abroad in China. It was cool to connect with some people who are where I was a few years ago, and to have answers to at least a few questions. Certainly not all of the questions, but a few. It was a much different experience than these CLC events have been for the last several years, when I knew that some of my best friends would be there, and ended up just talking to them. It was actually a little bit like being a freshman again, having to step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people. Ultimately, it was probably good for me.

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