Uganda project update

This is a very late update on the status of the project we worked on while we were in Uganda. While I was in Uganda this summer, my group and I were hoping to see a well be dug for the Sisters’ new complex. This was, of course, after we had originally planned to build a spring box around a spring on the new land, only to discover that there actually wasn’t a spring. So we settled for paying for a well to be dug, and hoped that we might get to actually see the process. We did not see the process, because the trucks required to dig the well weren’t able to make it through the roads when we were there, and later the truck driver got sick, which precluded them from making another attempt before we returned to the United States.

I said this was a very late update because it really should have been posted 3 or 4 months ago, when the well was finally dug. It was a few weeks after the start of the semester when we got an email from our professor, informing us that the well was finally complete. This was great news to hear, because once we left we didn’t really know what would happen, and whether the well would ever actually get dug or not. This is a huge problem with service trips like the one we took to Uganda- three weeks is not enough time to get a lot done, and unless you or somebody else follows up on what you did, a lot of time it doesn’t end up being completed, or it breaks quickly, and then it’s no longer helpful. I’m glad to know that at the very least the well was dug, and OU also has a long-term plan to continue working with Sister Rosemary, so it should be maintained for a long time.

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